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  • Can I install a motor kit on my bike and use my existing battery?
    The stock battery is not capable of supporting any of our motor kits. The controllers we use for our motor kits depend on the battery to deliver much higher amperage then what any stock battery was designed to handle. You will not get the performance you are looking for and can damage your components and battery. Higher output batteries are necessary when installing one of our motor upgrade kits. Our lowest power kit (2000W) needs a battery that can supply 50A continuously. Our kits peak output can hit 2.1X their rating (i.e. 2000W kit can peak at 4200W)
  • How do I know what hub motor fits my bike?
    Dropout is motor diameter or distance between rear forks. We have customizable dropout sizes for our kits. Find your dropout by removing your rear wheel, and measureing the distance between the rear forks in mm (milimeters). Fat tire dropouts can be the following: 150mm, 175mm, 190mm, 200mm
  • How do I know what battery will work with my kit?
    How many amps is your controller? You want a battery with a continuous current of your controllers maximum capacity. At the very least; batteries which bms (battery management system) is equivalent or greater then the controllers maximum capacity.
  • What is our sales / return policy?
    All bikes, batteries, and kits are covered by a one year warranty, we do not accept returns at this time. You have two days to cancel any order. Sales are final once shipped.
  • Can my bike frame handle a high powered kit?
    These kits are recommened for heavy-duty frames. Arial Rider - XClass, DClass, Grizzly Super 73 - S1, S2, R Series Our kits always include two torque arms to take tension off the frame.
  • Will the connectors for the battery match up with the kit?
    Batteries have both XT60, and XT90 connectors. These will be the only type of connectors needed.
  • Are the hub motors spokes rated for high torque?
    Motorcycle grade spokes are used for all our high powered kits.
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