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72v 50Ah RX Full Frame Molicel Battery
  • 72v 50Ah RX Full Frame Molicel Battery

    72v 50Ah 540A Super 73 RX Full Frame Molicel Battery for the Super 73 RX. “Daly” BT Bms System. Six Inch Double wide Pack, X2 21700’s Wide.


    P42A Molicel 21700’s


    Continuous Discharge Rate 540A




    XT60 Charge Port

    QS8 Connector for Discharge

    QS8 to Terminals Harness


    This battery is made with some of the best Grade A cells in the U.S.. Experience minimal voltage sag, incredible power & range un like any other battery if its kind.


    *Panel Casing Optional*

    Custom full frame panel case / battery bag. Made with PVC panels wrapped in vinyl. Provides a super clean look and maximum battery pack capacity.i

    • Shipping

      Production time takes between 2-4 weeks

    • Warranty

      3 Year Extended Warranty on Molicel Batteries !