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Custum 5000w QS 170mm-190mm 200A Motor Kit
  • Custum 5000w QS 170mm-190mm 200A Motor Kit

    The E-St Predator/The Top of the Sabvaton

    QS 3.5T 5000w 200A Motor Kit.

    70Mph+(Proceed with Caution!)

    -200A V2 Sabvoton Sabvoton Controller with Brake Light Wire

    -5000W 3.5T Custom QS Motor

    Options (150mm, 170mm & 190mm)

    -UKC1+Color Display

    -Throttle with Key Ignition

    (Half Twist or Full Twist)

    -Brake Levers

    -Motor locking Alarm System

    (Includes x2 Wireless Remotes)

    -x2 Torque Arms

    -BlueTooth Adapter

    -PAS Sensor

    -Hull Adapter

    1 Year Warranty…

    Install error is not covered.

    Pass Hull Test before attempting to use throttle. Is this is not done warranty may be voided.

    If Hull Test fails follow these steps…

    0. Make sure you have the correct 3pin connector unplugged wire programming or attempting Hull Test.

    1. Change Hull Sensor

    2. Increase “Given Current.” (10A then 20A)

    3. Swap Blue & Green Phase Wires.

    4. Swap Blue & Green Hull Sensor Pins

    5. Check all connections & connectors, make sure no pins have came loose & make sure there is nothing causing a short such as connectors & extensions purchased online.k