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84V 4000w 450A QS 275 FarDriver ND84890 (Motor Kit)
  • 84V 4000w 450A QS 275 FarDriver ND84890 (Motor Kit)

    FarDriver ND84890

    84v Nominal- 100.8v Fully Charged, 72v Dead

    500 DC A

    890 Phase Amps

    (BT Tuning App)

    4000w/5000w 3T QS 275 Motor

    High Speed, High Current, 72v-96v

    -Laced with 10g Motorcycle Spokes

    -150mm for Grizzly & Stealth Bomber (Medium Difficulty)

    -170mm X Class, Grizzly, Tempest, Swiper (Easy Install)

    -189mm for X-Class, Tempest, Swiper, RX, R & more (Difficult Install)

    If your bike type is not listed here please contact us.


    DKD display

    Primary Harness Wiring


    Key Ignition

    BT Adapter

    This motor Kit is recommended for bike with strong frames only. Ariel Riders & Super 73’s are not recommended for this Motor kit. Use at your own risk. Bldc Motors can not be used with this controller.