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Bomber (Molicel)34Ah 72V 300A BMS Battery

Bomber (Molicel)34Ah 72V 300A BMS Battery

72v 34Ah 360A Custom Molicel Electric Cannon “Daly” BT BMS Battery, Two Year Warranty!!

We will build a battery to fit. Be sure to provide all design constraints, minimum width is 2.75". Amp hour's will determine overall size, message for sizes. This is sized to standard bomber frame.

P28A Molicel 18650’s


Discharge Rate 420A

Continuous Current 250A



QS8 to terminals connector.

This battery is made with some of the best Grade A cells in the U.S.. Experience minimal voltage sag, incredible power & range unlike any other battery if its kind.

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    Production time takes between 2-4 weeks