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(Package) 3000W 80A E-Street Motor Kit & High Power Braking System
  • (Package) 3000W 80A E-Street Motor Kit & High Power Braking System

    72V 3000W bldc motor

    Rim 16" x 3.5" (max speed approx. 55+mph)

    72V 80A Sabvoton controller with brake light wire

    Alarm / Blutooth Adapter / PAS / TFT UKC1 colorful display

    2 electric brake levers (power cutoff from both)

    4 Torque Arms

    Choose Throttle

    Choose Dropout

    Choose Flywheel

    Choose T Count

    Choose Rotor Color

    Front & Rear Tektro E725 & 203mm Rotors

    -X2 Heat Resistant Rotors

    -4 Piston Hudraulic Disc Brakes

    -Brakes Light/Motor Cut Wire

    - Compatible with all Motor Kits and Light Kit

    - Maximum Stopping Power

    -X2 Post Mount 180mm to 203mm Included

    Choose Rotor Color


    Message before ordering so an E Street Bikes rep can confirm that what your ordering is correct for your bike.

    !!!!READ THIS!!!

    !!Do “Hull Test” Before Riding!! If you blow the controller because you road with out (Passing) a “Hull Test” warranty will not cover any damaged components. If “Hull Test” Fails swap blue and green phase wires and make sure all hull sensors are color coordinated properly. If you are having trouble passing the “Hull Test” please contact us and we will assist you!


    Stock parts will not adapt to this or any high power motor kit. For lights to run a light kit is necessary. Light kit is in parts section of websight. my

    • Warranty

      1 year manufacturers warranty for motor and controller. 6 month warranty on parts.

    • Returns

      We do not offer returns. Once shipped, sale is final. Orders may be canceled within two days of placing it.