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The JB360 Build! Complete Part Package  (Black Friday Sale)

The JB360 Build! Complete Part Package (Black Friday Sale)

The Official JB360 X Class Set Up! All the exact parts needed to build your into your own masterpiece.

72V 5000W bldc motor

Rim 16" x 3.5"(max speed approx. 65mph)

72V-96v 150A Sabvoton controller with brake light wire

Alarm / Blutooth Adapter / PAS / TFT UKC1 colorful display

2 electric brake levers (power cutoff from both)

4 Torque Arms

Choose Throttle

Choose Dropout

Choose Flywheel

Choose T Count



Rear Tektro E725 4 Piston Hydraulic Brake

Front cable brake assembly 2 piston cable activated hydraulic caliper. (For the use of E-BRAKE, lever activated regen braking.)



46Ah X-Class Full Frame Molicel 72V 500BMS Battery for the Ariel Rider X-Class.


P42A Molicel 21700’s

Discharge Rate495A

Continuous Current 280A





QS8 Connector

QS8 to Terminals Adapter



72v 11.2Ah Super Shark

P28A Molicel 21700’s

Discharge Rate140

Continuous Current 80A




QS8 Connector


2 key’s

Parallel Harness



DC E-Bike Light Kit


84V to 12V DC Converter

Blinkers, Taillight, Headlight

Control Switch, Horn, Brake Light,

Positive & Negative Terminals, blinker relay, pre wired harness.


    $4,920.00 Regular Price
    $4,530.00Sale Price